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Build your Social Media Profile

By TechConnex


Date and Time:

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Technology leaders are always looking for an edge. The proliferation of social media has created an opportunity for leaders to directly connect with customers and prospects in new and unique ways. This TWO PART session, led by Adam Fox, Regional Director at Esri Canada, will focus on how to build your profile to leverage these opportunities.

Topics will be broken into two sessions and will include the following:

  • Building your personal profile
  • Building and finding content
  • Tech Tips and Tricks
  • Techniques for using social media to promote customers’ accomplishments and engage prospects.
  • Social media as a source of competitive intelligence.
  • Best Practices

The first session will focus on your personal profile and building/finding content and the second session will focus on tech tips and tricks and best practices.

Adam Fox is a senior manager who brings over 21 years of international experience to his role, on large and medium scale projects in over 15 different countries in a variety of leading technical, sales and management roles. Adam Fox is ranked in the “top 10” for his category in the number of twitter followers.