Future of Energy

By Vaughan Chamber of Commerce


Date and Time:

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

7:30 am - 11:30 am

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9550 Pine Valley Drive, Vaughan, ON

Tickets: MEMBERS: $55+ HST | NON-MEMBERS: $85+ HST

Canada is renowned for producing clean and reliable energy, positioning itself as a global leader in clean technologies and resource exports. As geopolitical risks rise and net-zero targets demand action, Canada has a crucial role in ensuring energy security while championing sustainability.


Join us for the VCC annual Future of Energy event as we focus on Canada’s pivotal position in the global energy market. Emphasizing energy security, this event aims to capitalize on domestic strengths and promote sustainable practices worldwide, while developing energy policies that are conducive to the growth of the future economy.


  1. Renowned speakers, including government officials, industry leaders, environmental advocates, and energy experts, will convene to discuss key topics:
  2. Enhancing Energy Export Strategies: Balancing economic growth with clean energy exports, diversifying trade partnerships, and mitigating risks for heightened energy security.
  3. Driving Clean Technologies and Innovation: Showcasing Canada’s advancements and fostering innovation within the domestic energy sector for enhanced competitiveness.
  4. Building Resilient Energy Infrastructure: Ensuring energy supply chain resilience, bolstering cybersecurity, and embracing smart technologies for a secure energy future.
  5. Accelerating Net Zero Targets: Identifying opportunities for collaboration to achieve net-zero goals while advancing sustainability globally.
  6. Enabling Supportive Policy and Regulatory Frameworks: Fostering an environment that nurtures the energy industry’s growth while aligning with climate objectives and the demands of the future economy.


The Vaughan Chamber’s Future of Energy event offers a unique opportunity for diverse stakeholders to unite in elevating Canada’s global energy leadership, prioritizing energy security, embracing a sustainable future, and crafting policies that lay the foundation for a prosperous and eco-conscious economy.


Let’s work together to secure a brighter and more resilient future for Canada and beyond.