Arts and Culture

Vaughan is a creative urban city that integrates art and culture into its public realm. It is a city where art is accessible to all and valued as a placemaking catalyst, and diversity is celebrated by highlighting our many cultural traditions.

As a sector, Arts and Culture holds an important place in Vaughan’s economy as a job creator and for its role in attracting businesses, residents and visitors.  

Annual Cultural events and programs offer a variety of opportunities for community organizations and businesses to participate and to contribute strong identity and sense of place in the Vaughan community. 

Fast Facts

  1. 136,000 viewer impressions for on the SLATE art exhibitions
  2. 7 Heritage Month celebrations – 1,600 attendees
  3. 10 Cultural Events – 15,000 attendees
  4. 26 film shoots in 2019
  5. 528 businesses and 5,596 employees1

1Source: York Region Employment Survey