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Activate!Vaughan Innovation Program

Activate!Vaughan is a new innovation program that connects high-potential entrepreneurs to market-driven entrepreneurship opportunities and mentorship from industry leaders. The City of Vaughan will deliver five Activate!Vaughan pitch challenges from 2019–2021, each focused on a specific opportunity for innovation.

Check out this recap of the Activate!Vaughan Sustainable Transformation Challenge.

Activate!Vaughan Health Innovation Challenge

Presented by the Province of Ontario and Sterling Industries

Imagine a healthcare system that anticipates individuals’ needs, improves communication between patients and care providers, and delivers as much care as possible to people in their homes, workplaces and communities. The future of healthcare is one where powerful technology will allow for parts of the hospital or clinical experience to happen beyond traditional physical spaces, improving healthcare systems for both providers and patients.

In partnership with Mackenzie Health and the Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2), SE Health, Sterling Industries and ventureLAB, the Activate!Vaughan Health Innovation Challenge is calling on entrepreneurs to advance a technology-enabled healthcare system by presenting solutions to important healthcare and data challenges.

Participating entrepreneurs will receive:

  • Access to mentorship and co-development opportunities with healthcare industry experts
  • Access to tailored workshops to help you succeed in the healthcare technology sector
  • Connections to potential business and funding partners
  • Opportunity to pitch to win grant funding to grow your venture

Apply now to take your health tech start-up to the next level! Up to $40,000 in total grant funding is available.


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Challenge Briefing

To launch the Activate!Vaughan Health Innovation Challenge, Mackenzie Health and the Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2), SE Health, Sterling Industries are presenting “reverse pitches” which describe pressing healthcare challenges in need of innovative solutions.

Participating entrepreneurs will be invited to present solutions to one of four problem statements present by our program partners. To learn more about each problem statement, check out the Challenge Briefing below.


Program Phases