Vaughan Enterprise Zone (VEZ)

Leading VEZ Companies

The VEZ is home to 560 businesses with a combined employment of 18,200 workers, with access to a labour force of 3.9 million within a one-hour drive​. The City has plans to build west Vaughan into an employment hub with 60,000 employees and 50 million square feet of industrial, office and accessory commercial space.



LGC’ Toronto Research Chemicals

“We looked around Ontario and the GTA and chose Vaughan as our location for four reasons, the first one being Vaughan wanted us there. From the Mayor through the economic development team, through the city planning and local partners, it was quite clear they’re working as one team and wanted us there. The second reason was for accessibility. The 400-series highways, Pearson Airport, public transportation, and access to schools around the GTA were fabulous and what we needed. The third part was the quality of life for our employees - we wanted to pick a spot where people wanted to live and looking at the housing plan, the long term range for Vaughan is a place we thought we’d want to be. And lastly, the ecosystem - the west side of the GTA has lots of life science businesses, and Vaughan is committed to bringing even more to the City through the Vaughan Healthcare [Centre] Precinct.”

Michael St. Pierre, Former Executive Vice President and General Manager

Vaughan is Transformative, Ambitious and Purpose-driven.

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