Who We Are

The Economic Development department works to make Vaughan a place where entrepreneurship, business, tourism, and art can prosper and grow.

Our mission: We work to make Vaughan a place where entrepreneurship, business, tourism, and arts prosper and grow.

Our vision: Economic prosperity, entrepreneurial city, gateway to economic activity in the Toronto Area, and creative capital.

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The objectives of the Economic Development (ED) department, as detailed in our 2020-2023 Strategic Business Plan, are to: 

  1. Enable a climate for businesses to grow, prosper and create jobs.
  2. Advance economic opportunities and attract new investment.
  3. Enrich Vaughan’s communities and economy through public art development.
  4. Effectively pursue service excellence.

These objectives keep in theme with the Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan, with the ED department continually aligning its people, priorities, processes and technology to deliver services and programs that enhance the City’s economic prosperity, investment and social capital.


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