Support for Tourism Organizations

The Tourism Vaughan Corporation (TVC) is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) for the city of Vaughan with the mission to market and promote Vaughan as a destination for tourists and business travellers to the City of Vaughan.

Tourism Vaughan initiatives support Vaughan-based tourism organizations and businesses by offering:

  1. Exposure – extended reach to visitors through marketing opportunities.
  2. Knowledge – a better understanding of visitors to Vaughan through reports and insights.
  3. Community – fostering a strong network of peers and industry leaders through network opportunities.

The Council-approved Vaughan Destination Master Plan (VDMP) lays out a comprehensive plan for the development of Vaughan’s tourism-related industry cluster.

The VDMP guides the strategic focus of the TVC and identifies five strategic priorities:

  1. Governance and city policy framework;
  2. Product development;
  3. Partnerships;
  4. Marketing & communications; and
  5. Research and data analysis.