Vacant Employment Land Directory

The City of Vaughan has one of the largest supplies of vacant employment lands in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Vacant Employment Land Directory details all vacant land parcels (sites) designated for industrial, office and commercial development within the City of Vaughan’s Employment Areas (EA)—isolated employment parcels excluded.

Please note that not all opportunities listed in the directory are available for purchase.

Vacant Employment Land Directory

Navigate and Filter

This directory can be filtered by a number of criteria, including by zoning, size, employment area, etc.


To open the directory’s filter pane: Click the Left Arrow [←] Button on the right side of the map.


Ctrl + Right-click to Select multiple items from the Dropdown Menu.


To close the opened filter pane: Click the Right Arrow [→] Button.


To reset all applied filters: Click the Reset [↺] Button.


To access additional information (i.e. limitations, terminology, etc.): Click the Info Icon [i] Button.

Hover Over Everything

For detailed site information, Hover your Pointer over any given item to view the Tooltip pop-up – this applies to all interactive elements of the map.

View the Table

To view the directory in table format: Right-click anywhere on the map and Select “Show as a table” from the Tooltip pop-up.


The table format view will reflect any prior filters applied.

This report is best viewed on a desktop computer

Vacant Employment Land Directory - Information Request Form

  • Please complete this form if you require additional information/services related to a specific site(s) from the Vacant Employment Land Directory.

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