Talent & Workforce

Businesses in Vaughan have access to a robust and highly skilled labour force.

Fast Facts

  1. York Region is the fastest-growing municipality in Ontario, attracting around 25,000 new residents annually.
  2. Seventy per cent of Vaughan’s population over the age of 25 has post-secondary education — higher than the provincial (65.1%) and national averages (64.8%). [1]
  3. Vaughan has a higher than average concentration of STEM workers in STEM fields — natural and applied sciences and related occupations (9%), management occupations (14%) and business, finance and administration occupations (19%).
  4. Within a one-hour drive from Vaughan is a labour force of more than 3.9 million and 25 colleges and universities, collectively producing 220,646 university and 113,669 college-enrolled students annually. [2]

[1] Statistics Canada, Census 2016
[2] Common University Data Ontario (CUDO) & Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

University and College Campuses

Map of university and colleges within the region. Satellite campuses within the Greater Toronto Area are included. To get the most out of this map, check out our PowerBI Quick Start Guide.

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Workforce snapshot (Toronto CMA)

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