Activate!Vaughan Innovation Program

Activate!Vaughan is a new innovation program that connects high-potential start-ups and scale-ups to market-driven entrepreneurship opportunities and mentorship from industry leaders and multinationals. The City of Vaughan will deliver four Activate!Vaughan pitch challenges from 2019–2021, each focused on a specific opportunity for innovation.

Check out this recap of the Activate!Vaughan Health Innovation Challenge, delivered in partnership with Mackenzie Health and the Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2), SE Health, Sterling Industries and ventureLAB. 

Activate!Vaughan Smart City Challenge

The Activate!Vaughan Smart City Challenge is calling on startups and scale-ups to propose innovative solutions that leverage smart city technology to enhance quality of life in Vaughan.

With a total of $25,000 in grant funding available, Activate!Vaughan provides mentorship, validation and co-development opportunities with the City of Vaughan and other corporate partners to support the commercialization of new smart city solutions.

The Smart City Challenge will focus on four themes:

  • Electric Mobility
  • Municipal Services Route Optimization
  • Age-Friendly Communities
  • Intelligent Placemaking

We are looking for solutions which will accelerate action on climate change, support data-driven decision-making, increase opportunities for participation for seniors, and realize the potential of our public spaces.

Join us to validate your solutions, make valuable connections, develop new partnerships and accelerate your impact!

For more information, or to inquire about partnership and sponsorship opportunities, please contact



Challenge 1: Electric Mobility Innovation

Presented by: Alectra Utilities, City of Vaughan: Policy Planning and Environmental Sustainability & Transportation Planning

Problem Statement:
How can we use data and connected technology to address barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption and empower individuals, communities and businesses with access to more affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible e-mobility solutions?

Challenge 3: Age-friendly Communities

Presented by: Mackenzie Health and Vaughan Public Libraries

Problem Statement:
How can we leverage smart city technologies to improve access to healthcare and enhance social participation opportunities for our aging population?

Challenge 2: Municipal Services Route Optimization

Presented by: City of Vaughan, Public Works

Problem Statement:
How might we use smart technology to improve municipal service delivery to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs and ultimately enhance citizen experience?


Challenge 4: Intelligent Placemaking

Presented by: City of Vaughan, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Program

Problem Statement:
How might we collect and leverage user data to make intelligent decisions about the design, creation and activation of public  spaces in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre?

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