The Earth Tech 2022 Accelerator

Crime Prevention for Businesses Part 3: Designing Safe Policies and Procedures

Crime Prevention for Businesses Part 2: Physical Safety and Protecting Your Premises

Ask an Expert: Tech Sector Mentorship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Business Ideation & Market Research

Launch & Grow Your Tech Venture │ Building a Revenue Plan

Small Business Week 2021: Innovation Strand Workshop: Business Model Canvas 1 by ventureLAB

Small Business Week 2021: Hiring Incentives for Employers by COSTI

Small Business Week 2021: Launch & Grow Your Food Venture │ Product Packaging by YSpace/York University

Small Business Week 2021: Launch & Grow Your Tech Venture │ Growth Hacking 101 by YSpace/York University

Presented by Abtin Masseratagah, CEO of Northrn Mo. 

This is a special session on how to develop business strategy and execution plans to grow traction for early-stage tech startups. Looking for ways to get massive growth? Join Abtin a Digital Marketing Consultant who has helped to create profitable online brands for well over a decade, to learn the successful growth hacking strategies and learn how you can implement these tactics for your own.  

Participants from this session will be invited to further expand their learning by taking part in a peer-to-peer mentorship session on October 22, Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., facilitated by a representative from the Venture Catalyst program at YSpace.