Business Planning Launchpad Series (1 of 4): Ideation

By Vaughan Economic Development

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Date and Time:

Monday, June 10, 2024

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Tickets: Free

Vaughan Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (VBEC) presents this four-part workshop series that will help you work on your business plan and create a viable budget and financial projections for your business. This is a free, virtual program, designed for startups and established small businesses to get their ideas on paper through a step-by-step process of developing a business plan. A well-written, realistic business plan that clearly articulates what you’ve already done and what you plan to do is a core requirement for qualifying for grant, loan and investment opportunities.

On top of the training sessions, all participants will be given an opportunity to book 30-minute one-on-one meetings with the entrepreneur advisor to get feedback on their business and financial plans.

Session 1: Idea, Business Viability and Market Research – validating your business idea, vision, mission and market research to test your business assumptions

Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Ideation
  • Value proposition
  • Business viability
  • Market research
  • Trends and competitive analyses

Please note, registrants will receive a Zoom link 10 minutes before the session starts, and this four-part workshop series will be scheduled and repeated four times until October 2024 at different timeslots to accommodate various schedules. Visit each topic registration page for alternative options.

Business Planning Launchpad Series training is highly recommended to those participants interested in applying for the grant for the Starter Company Plus program.

The Business Planning Launchpad is composed of four (4) parts of workshop series, and participants are required to register for 4 individual sessions. Please check for the upcoming Business Planning Launchpad series of individual sessions for registration.


About the Speaker | Matt Kostan

Matt is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and brand creator. He’s created multiple 7 figure brands and launched 8 successful Kickstarter projects all based on the power of shopper feedback. His work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-founder of ProductPinion, a market research and intelligence software platform. ProductPinion helps ecommerce entrepreneurs increase their sales by connecting them to over 20 000 shoppers who are ready to give instant feedback on which ideas, designs or products will sell best.