Explore Alternative Streams of Revenue for Brick and Mortar Businesses

By Vaughan Economic Development


Date and Time:

Thursday, February 22, 2024

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Join us as we explore alternative streams of revenue, and discover the ones that best fit your business needs and clients.

About this event


Are you an entrepreneur who wants to feel more prepared with a diverse plan for sales? You know you need to do things differently but are not quite sure where to start?

If so, join Change Connect for an interactive workshop where we will explore some of the common challenges most entrepreneurs face when needing to consider alternative ways of doing business and discuss how to tackle them effectively. Get 1:1 advice and guidance on your biggest business pain points!

Join us as we explore alternative streams of revenue, and discover the ones that best fit your business needs and clients.

In the previous few years, many businesses saw the reality of depending on only one stream of revenue. Diversification is necessary to form a stable foundation that supports business growth, no matter the market conditions.

During this session, we will explore:

  • Beyond the brick and mortar – revenue alternatives
  • Framework for strategic growth
  • A guide for decision making and evaluating options
  • Create your very own action plan

Note: This is a virtual remote event.


Sam Aldridge, a prominent Management Consultant and Sales Leader based in Toronto, is recognized for his transformative impact on businesses. In his current role at Change Connect, Sam excels in designing and implementing strategic programs for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), addressing critical gaps in strategy, technology, and organizational structure.

Prior to Change Connect, Sam’s sales leadership was evident as he aligned investment strategies with economic analysis, driving revenue and identifying new business opportunities. His coaching in sales soft skills underscored his commitment to team development. His hands-on approach to sales processes, market research, and streamlined operations showcased his strategic thinking and adaptability.

In both consulting and sales leadership roles, Sam Aldridge stands out for his ability to drive impactful change, foster high-performing teams, and navigate diverse markets. With a proven track record, he continues to be a dynamic force in guiding businesses toward growth and operational excellence.