Calling All Interested Residents for the City of Vaughan Economic Prosperity Task Force Focus Groups

The City of Vaughan’s Economic Prosperity Task Force (EPTF) wants to hear from the community to better understand the challenges and opportunities with respect to working in the city or starting and owning a business in Vaughan.

A strong economy is the foundation of a well-run city — and Vaughan’s EPTF is focused on spurring sustainable economic growth that leads to more jobs, higher incomes, less poverty, higher living standards and a healthier municipality.

The EPTF has hired an outside facilitator, Maximum City, to run three focus groups in the month of March to hear from (1) youth/recent graduates, (2) women entrepreneurs, and (3) recent retirees/late career professionals. Participants must live, work, and/or study in the City of Vaughan.

Please complete this short survey before March 7 to express your interest in participating in one of the focus groups. Your input is important to the City of Vaughan.

For more information about the task force, please visit: