Ontario investing $1,475,000 in Concord-based RONCO

The Government of Ontario is investing $1,475,000 in Concord-based RONCO┬áto help the company establish the production capacity to manufacture surgical masks and respirators at its Ontario plant, replacing production that is currently happening in China. With Ontario’s support, the company will establish three surgical mask production lines to make more than three million masks monthly and will add one N95 respirator production line to make up to 260,000 respirators monthly.

“RONCO always had plans to bring PPE manufacturing back to Canada. The Ontario Together Funding program has helped accelerate our plans,” said Ron Pecchioli, President and CEO of RONCO. “This will provide a boost to our economy through the nurturing of internal talent, knowledge sharing and technological innovations; in turn creating jobs and better future for our coming generations.”

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