Support local: shop, dine and explore Vaughan!

There is so much to see and do in Vaughan! Visit our main streets and local business areas to shop local retailers, enjoy restaurants, admire public art and more.

Shop Local

Support local businesses in Vaughan! Whether you need to update your wardrobe or find the perfect gift to bring to a party, there are tons of shops that can assist. Check out Vaughan’s many shopping corridors and unique spots at

Make dinner plans

There’s no better time to treat yourself or your loved ones to a delicious meal or tasty snack. Grab your friends and family and indulge at restaurants, cafés, bakeries and more. For local dining ideas, explore.

Admire the work of local artists 

If you’re looking for an art adventure, of course the McMichael Canadian Art Collection is a must-see destination! In addition, public art displays enhance the City’s image and identity across its dynamic and diverse communities. Recently, traffic signal boxes across Vaughan have been transformed into extraordinary works of art through the City’s ARTonBOXES program. Visit them all!

Looking for more ways to support local businesses? 

Here’s how:

  • Dine at a Vaughan restaurant or café, or order takeout or delivery.
  • Shop at a local business, in-person or online.
  • Purchase gift cards from local retailers or restaurants.
  • Source local products when shopping with large online retailers.
  • Leave a positive review on your favourite local restaurant or business’ online profiles.

Get your business listed on! 

Do you own or operate a visitor destination such as an art, culture, sport, recreation, retail or wellness attraction, restaurant, festival or event in Vaughan? We can help you promote it! All you have to do is request a listing on Tourism Vaughan’s website – a one-stop shop to attract visitors and help them plan a memorable trip to the city!

For more information, visit

Host in Vaughan

If your business hosts conferences, meetings, large-scale events and tournaments, consider getting listed on to reach meeting and event planners. The site showcases local venuesrestaurantscaterers, meeting and events suppliers that are open to servicing events and provides the details needed for planners to host their next event in Vaughan.

The Tourism Vaughan Corporation is the official destination development organization for the City of Vaughan with a mission to enhance Vaughan as a destination for tourists and business travellers.

Vendor market opportunities

If you run a family-friendly market, you can connect with our team to learn more about how we can support your next vendor marketplace and get listed on

Are you a Vaughan-based artist, artisan or small business owner? Vaughan hosts many seasonal and family-friendly pop-up markets throughout the year. Learn how you can exhibit at an upcoming event by visiting the vendor market opportunities page at

Browse the Vaughan Business Directory 

Vaughan is home to a diversified industrial base of over 19,500 businesses, making the City one of the largest markets in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The business directory resources found on this page will allow you to explore the City of Vaughan’s globally competitive businesses.