Talent City Vaughan Grant Recipient Profile – COSTI

Talent City Vaughan is a first-of-its-kind municipal workforce development initiative that supports purpose-driven training initiatives across Vaughan. The 2023 cohort of grant recipients offered a host of in-demand training programs for Vaughan residents and employees of Vaughan-based businesses – like COSTI’s English as a Language Training in the Workplace program!

COSTI is a dynamic community-based agency committed to fostering social impact, offering a comprehensive range of services encompassing employment, education, settlement, and social support to diverse immigrant communities, new Canadians, and individuals seeking assistance. COSTI’s far-reaching initiatives span language training and digital literacy education in the provision of over 70 different classes. These learning opportunities, provided through both virtual and in-person channels across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), underscore COSTI’s dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. With a seasoned team at its helm, COSTI designs tailored curricula and administers training across a spectrum of employment-focused programs, reinforcing its role as a pivotal contributor to individual growth and community empowerment.

COSTI’s Language Training in the Workplace (LTW) is a complimentary program catering to Vaughan-based employees, facilitated by employer requests. Talent City Vaughan funding will provide the LTW curriculum to employees of Vaughan based businesses offered through either personalized individual sessions or dynamic group classes. Flexibility remains key, with in-person sessions available on-site or the option for virtual delivery, as per the employer’s preference. Proven successful for more than 10 years, the program has demonstrated its effectiveness in elevating employee language proficiencies, bolstering employer satisfaction and contributing to improved staff retention rates.

COSTI’s presence and engagement in Vaughan are deeply rooted. With a dedicated Employment Centre and active involvement at the Vaughan Welcome Centre, as well as collaborations with other community partners, COSTI has fostered a strong local connection. This connection is further strengthened by its collaboration with the City of Vaughan Economic Development Department, working jointly to identify employers in need of workplace language training. Drawing on its established networks, including partnerships with TRIEC and the Workforce Planning Board of York Region, COSTI intends to reach out to potential participants from its Employment Services. COSTI’s commitment to Vaughan is also evident in its regular organization of job fairs in partnership with local employers. These efforts are mirrored by the broader community agency partners within the Vaughan Welcome Centre, collectively working to execute job fairs throughout the year, further solidifying COSTI’s role in promoting opportunities for both job seekers and local businesses.

Are you a non-profit organization that offers upskilling or reskilling training? You can apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to run training programs for Vaughan residents or employees of Vaughan-based businesses. To learn more about Talent City Vaughan click the button below!