Traffic Data Requests

Municipal Roadways

The City of Vaughan’s Transportation and Fleet Management Services department has data available on traffic volumes and speeds (Automated Traffic Recorder – ATRs) and turning movement counts (TMC) for streets throughout Vaughan.

As of 2023 the cost to access this data are as follows*:

  • ATR: $60.00 (HST exempt)
  • TMC: $210.00 (HST exempt)

To submit a request or if you have any questions on these services, please send your request, naming the intersection or roadway segment to:

*This cost is subject to change please visit The City of Vaughan By-Law Number 010-2023 for more information.

Regional Roadways

York Region collects data about the traffic on Regional roads. The data pertains to the amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and types of vehicles utilizing Regional roads. This information is available to the public for an administration fee. Please visit York Region Traffic Data Requests for more information on how to request traffic data.