Vaughan Economic Development Strategy 2010

Vibrant cities and regions undergo a process of continuous renewal. For the past three years, Vaughan’s Growth Management Strategy, along with the Official Plan, have led the visioning process for the City’s development as a major urban centre. With the adoption of the Economic Development Strategy, there’s a new blueprint for Vaughan’s sustainability and future economic health.

The Economic Development Strategy is the starting point of a process that will provide the catalyst for economic transformation until 2021, and yield long-term prosperity for the community. It’s a powerful statement of purpose — setting out bold action steps that will require the participation of the business community, institutions and citizens. While there have been significant successes in the past, the challenging realities of today’s economy call for new directions, new ideas and new approaches to enhancing economic growth.

Staying focused, the four goals:

  1. Position Vaughan as the gateway for economic activity in the Greater Toronto Area.
  2. Develop Vaughan as the incubator of entrepreneurial activity for the economic region.
  3. Provide best-in-class economic development services.
  4. Grow Vaughan’s dynamic quality of place and creative economy.

Executive Summary of the 2011-2021 Vaughan Economic Development Strategy, Building a Gateway to Tomorrow’s Economy (PDF).

Economic Development Strategy final report prepared by Millier Dickinson Blais Inc. (Aug. 18, 2010):

Chapter 1: Executive Summary and Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 2: Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 3: Edge Cities, Mega Regions and Incubation (PDF)

Chapter 4: Vaughan’s Value Proposition and Strategic Focus (PDF)

Chapter 5: Vaughan Enterprise Zone (PDF)

Chapter 6: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (PDF)

Chapter 7: International Friendship and Twin City Relationships (PDF)

Chapter 8: Marketing Vaughan (PDF)

Chapter 9: Vaughan’s Staffing and Operational Structure (PDF)

Chapter 10: Strategic Goals and Action Plan (PDF)

Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Background, economic analysis and appendices:

Table of Contents (PDF)

Sector Profiles 1-7 (PDF)

Community Consultation Summary (PDF)

Appendix A: NAICS Definitions (PDF)

Appendix B: Policy for the Hosting of Foreign Delegations (PDF)