Performing Arts Centre Feasibility Study

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is an emerging downtown poised to be the financial, innovation and cultural centre of Vaughan. 

To complement the growing resident and employee population and to leverage public transit and infrastructure investments, the City is investing in creative placemaking and exploring the feasibility of a creative hub. In 2018, the City of Vaughan commissioned a Feasibility Study for a Cultural Arts Centre in the VMC.

Phase I (the Feasibility Study) concluded that market demand and community need is evident to support a cultural hub in Vaughan’s downtown given the critical mass of high-order transit and highway infrastructure, open spaces and ongoing population, business and employment growth in the VMC.

Phase II (Site Selection and Development) will include a review and update of
the operational models developed in Phase I and a facilitated consultation process with VMC landowners and impacted stakeholders that results in the final selection of a site and partnership model.

Study Timeline

  1. In 2018, Hariri Pontarini Architects, AMS Planning and Research, and FDA were retained to complete the study.
  2. Phase 1 was completed in 2019.
  3. Phase 2 is expected to be complete in Q4 2021.



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